MANHATTAN Klávesnice gumová (silikonová) Roll-Up, US layout

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The strong and silent type.
With internal components sealed inside a single-piece, 100 percent silicone, latex-free case to prevent intrusion from debris, moisture and most acidic and alkaline substances, the Manhattan Roll-Up Keyboard can resist damage from accidental spills and drops and most harsh working conditions. Easily hand washed with gentle cleansers and constructed without screws or sharp edges, it provides reliable operation in health, food and beverage service, industrial, laboratory and other environments where traditional keyboards can likely fail or compromise hygiene and safety. Soft-touch keys and a familiar full-sized configuration with built-in numeric keypad plus Sleep, Wake and Power keys provide silent but confident tactile response for assured data entry. White-on-black characters help improve legibility in dimly lit settings. Installation is quick with Windows XP/Vista/7 compatibility, plug-and-play capability and USB connectivity (also works with Manhattan USB to PS/2 Adapter, model 333962). The low-profile, lightweight Manhattan Roll-Up Keyboard is ideal for reducing repetitive strain injury risk and easily stores for travel.

- Virtually indestructible design with silicone, latex-free construction suitable for almost any environment and user
- Ergonomic key arrangement with Power, Sleep and Wake keys
- Easy-to-clean, hygienic surface and soft-touch key switches resist dust, moisture, spills and contaminants
- Lightweight, full-sized flexible case and silent operation ideal for mobile computing and netbooks
- Lifetime Warranty


Standards and Certifications
USB 1.1

Power, Sleep and Wake keys
Number, Scroll and Caps Lock with LED indicators
Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible

Electrical (Working Levels)
Voltage: +5 VDC ± 250 mA

108 keys
100% silicone, latex-free construction*
5,000,000-keystroke switch life
Key operating travel: 2 ± 0.4 mm
Cable length: 1.25 m (50 in.)
Dimensions: 49 x 14 x 1.5 cm (19 x 5.5 x 0.6 in.)
Weight: 283 g (10 oz.)

Working temperature: -40 - 80°C

Package Contents
Roll-Up Keyboard
Reference Guide

* Avoid excessive heat and contact with oils, acetone, toluene, benzene and other similar solvents and thinners.

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